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Process Mining

Process & Task Mining.

Let us help you make your processes more efficient and cheaper. By visualizing them it quickly becomes clear where improvements can be made. Improvements can then be simulated to see and understand their effect.

If the process works optimally in the simulation, the changes can be put into practice. The output of IBM Process Mining is input for IBM Business Automation Workflow, making the improvements immediately usable in practice.

With task mining, which is part of the IBM Process Mining application, user actions in the workplace can be annalized. For example, repetitive actions are identified that can be performed with an RPA Bot.

As icing on the cake, IBM Process Mining can create the RPA Bot directly based on the analyzed data and the Bot can be deployed immediately. Hyperautomation of the highest order!

Task Mining

With the help of IBM Process Mining, Novadoc helps you to visualize processes and propose areas for improvement.

With process mining, the data from your existing applications used in the process becomes the input to visualize and emulate the process.

By feeding simple log files to the Process Mining application, it can quickly provide clarity about how the process actually runs, where there are bottlenecks and how to solve them.

Process Mining


IBM Process Mining expertise 

Our consultants are process specialists and can help you set up Process Mining and interpret the results and improve the processes. 

They can then help implement Business Automation Workflow to embed the improvements in the organization.

Want to know more or a demo? Contact us and we will be happy to show it to you!

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