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RPA & AI = HyperAutomation

The IBM Automation Portfolio is the most complete platform for automating processes and tasks.

Novadoc ECM provides the licenses and helps with the implementation

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Discover the power of RPA with Novadoc and IBM RPA


Time for the market


The ease of learning to make robots significantly reduces development time, reduces the costs of automation processes, accelerates your results and digitally transforms your company.



Legacy systems, Web, Windows, Java, Mainframe via Terminal 3270, IVR, Chatbot, APIs… virtually any system or service can be integrated into our solution to be automated with RPA.


Cost reduction

By integrating a digital worker into your team, you can automate processes with robots that can reduce operational costs of repetitive tasks by up to 75%... Your company reduces costs with personnel, rework and errors.


Error reduction

IBM RPA has a 0% error rate. With consistent and safe results, you and your team will have more time to expend energy and focus on more strategic activities for the company and its customers.


A platform

More than 600 preconfigured commands are available to make developing your robots faster and easier. Without the need to install multiple modules... with IBM RPA Studio, even those who are not programmers can build incredible robots.


Total security

Confidentiality of information because the data used is protected. In addition to the single sign-on feature, the IBM architecture protects confidential data through the password vault, which provides greater security when creating and running robots.


But what is RPA?

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a technology that involves the use of intelligent robots in any process that requires efficiency, consistency, speed and eliminating the risk of errors. In a simple way, RPA simulates a working human user.

Today it is possible to achieve these automations in processes using digital robots that perform repetitive tasks, pre-programmed and with total safety.

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We have more than 600 commands ready for you ​​to create your robots, all on one platform.

On average, it is 3x faster to create RPA robots than to develop standard software.

Automated robotic processes (RPA) can reduce costs by up to 75%!

Questions and answers

The purpose of RPA is toreplace people?

RPA comes so that people can do work for people, and robots can do work for robots. Repeated, monotonous tasks, or the famous Ctrl C + Ctrl V, are things that a robot can take over. Een team van mensen ondersteund met RPA wordt een versterkt team, veel productiever en gemotiveerder. De moderne 'workforce' zal bestaan ​​uit mensen en robots.

Is RPA artificial intelligence?

Simply put, RPA is software that simulates a user, while artificial intelligence is a technology that resembles human intelligence. In practice, RPA has a more procedural focus: taking care of getting things done, clicking buttons, filling in information and Like this, AI allows for 'thinking', with a greater focus on data analysis, decision making and learning. They are different things, but the combination of the two can be extremely powerful.

Is it possible to Chatbotto use with RPA?

Of course! If you choose to use WDG Studio, and no integration is needed, our solution has native commands prepared to use the chatbot, including natural language and artificial intelligence.

Which processes should I automate?

The most productive scenario for automating processes with RPA usually has three characteristics: (1) high volume of (2) repetitive and (3) always-on activities.

Can anyone make robots?

At first yes. It is not necessary to have prior knowledge in programming to be able to create robots, but it is worth mentioning that when we talk about automation in complex scenarios, it is desirable to have convenience with logic, systemic vision and processes.

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Some use cases

From automatic data acquisition, system integration, information reconciliation, report generation, intelligent email handling, lead generation and many others...  The possibilities for automation using Robotic Process Automation from IBM are practically endless. Schedule a no-obligation demonstration now with Novadoc to get up close and personal with some of the best cases...




We have a great use case where one of the largest car manufacturers in Brazil is involved in RPA, chatbot, artificial intelligence and even sending SMS.


Discover the automation for registering suppliers in SAP, Excel that comes by email. What used to take 3 minutes per supplier was done in the blink of an eye.


Hear about the process at a major hospital in the country that used to rely on 30 people to update medical reports in the government system, and is now done by 3 robots.

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