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Upgrade to IBM BAW

IBM Case Manager becomes IBM BAW.

You are running an IBM Case Manager environment and your business operations depend on it:

  • your documentation is managed efficiently and carefully

  • information reaches the right teams and employees

  • important business decisions can be made better and faster

  • simple actions are now automated

but... the support runs out
IBM Case Manager
has ended on September 30, 2023.

This could be extended once again until September 30, 2024!

Don't worry, you can upgrade to IBM Business Automation Workflow. And then your environment continues to be maintained.

Case Manager is now IBM BAW. How will your organization implement this change in production?

You have a team of IBM Case Manager specialists at work. But do they also know how a solution is developed in IBM BAW?

Novadoc ECM has more than 40 well-trained and experienced specialists who work on new certifications every year. They now also have the experiences of the first practice. And that is worth gold!

Novadoc ECM will install the new software for you, migrate your Case Manager Solutions and help you get started!

Our technical specialists are now adept at installing IBM BAW. They have gained this experience together with some of our customers who have already made the switch. This did not happen automatically, as is often the case with completely new software. But Novadoc knows where the pain points are and helps you by tackling this upgrade on a project-by-project basis.

And then you get a wealth of new functionality! The new capabilities of IBM Business Automation Workflow are fantastic. But require knowledge. And experience. Novadoc ECM helps you with the upgrade and optimal use of this new functionality

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