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IBM Digital Business Automation (DBA) and Hyperautomation.

Digital Business Automation (DBA) and Hyper-automation are modern developments that have become indispensable in today's companies. Automation of processes and the digital processing of documents is essential to continue to meet the increasingly higher expectations of your customers. With Digital Business Automation, work processes run faster and more efficiently. And the application of AI makes them better. This means that with DBA your company can respond quickly and agilely to developments in the market. You save costs and your customer satisfaction increases.

Lower costs, more time available, valuable input from your colleagues, faster work processes and, above all, higher customer satisfaction. Stay ahead of the competition at a time when customers are demanding more and the market is changing faster. That's why Digital Business Automation is crucial for today's businesses! Discover what we can do for you!

IBM Digital Business Automation is an automation platform that allows you to automate, adapt and expand many actions and work processes within your company. Not just digitizing paper documents and storing, archiving and destroying them. Workflow, digitally collaborating on documents and automating repetitive tasks with robotics are also part of Digital Business Automation.

Customized implementation and services.

We implement the platform or several modules and configure it completely tailor-made for you, so that your company can work faster, more efficiently and more accurately. This allows you to respond faster and better to changes in the market.


We can also provide customized maintenance and management of the IBM DBA platform for you. Completely customized, or according to one of our standard agreements. In addition to answering user questions and resolving incidents, adaptive application management is also an important component of our services on the IBM DBA platform. Read more about this hereManagement.

IBM Digital Business Automation now also available as CloudPak for Business Automation.

on premises or in the cloud

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How does it work?

We work with software from IBM, market leader in the field of Digital Business Automation. This can be divided into five modules, which also interact with each other.


These modules are:

  • Capture
    Digitizing documents, enriching them with metadata and interpreting the content with AI or automatically covering privacy information

  • Content
    Digitally process, store, retrieve, manage and destroy documents, forms and other information

  • Workflow
    Digital collaboration, case management and 'straight through processing' that no longer requires hands

  • Decisions
    Making decisions based on business rules in combination with AI

  • Tasks
    Automate tasks with robotics process automation (RPA)


Certain information, such as date and sender, is read from documents. Based on those characteristics and variables, the right process is started and the information reaches the right department. The characteristics are provided as meta-data.


  • Use AI to also understand the content of the document

  • Save time and human costs by reading documents

  • Create applications with AI, by sending more data to RPA processes.




  • Configure applications that digitally integrate documents into your work processes

  • Manage documents, cases and files optimally and traceably

  • Find the right version quickly and reliably

  • Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accurately abstract important information from documents

    • This saves employees time looking through ​of documents

    • This allows better business decisions to be made

This module is intended to store and manage content and ensure that this content can be used quickly and efficiently in every process. From now on, all content is accessible to the right people at the right time in the process. And every document can now be found quickly in the correct version. Documents that no longer need or may be kept (GDPR!) can be automatically prepared for destruction. Destruction can be initiated by approval from the right person.





  • Do more in less time, your focus is on the exceptions and more difficult cases, standard work is fully automatic

  • Your customers experience consistency, which is important for the quality experience

  • Valuable employee time is used for matters that require human judgment or action.

We digitize, analyze and improve work processes with workflow (Case Management and BPM). Some processes can be fully automated, and others can be set up to support employees. Workflow can be used as case management where the user has a lot of freedom and can decide which steps to take or not, but fully automated processes with BPM are also possible. In addition, all steps of the process are made transparent. This means transparency, consistency and better collaboration between departments, teams and employees. Moreover, this allows professionals to immediately design business solutions and continuously improve them. Smart analyzes and data-driven improvement play an interesting role in this. Workflow is also called BAW.


Suppose you want to have claims over amount X approved by a special department, then this can be set up as a business rule. Because this is entered with simple terms, this system works very flexibly and you can easily and quickly adjust business rules, without having to adjust IT systems. This software can be integrated into a broad spectrum of IT systems.


  • Easy to control, flexible and quickly adaptable

  • Sharpen your business decisions by learning from previous decisions and real-time data

  • Creates the ability to respond quickly to changing circumstances


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) concerns the automation of repetitive actions and tasks, which are currently still done by colleagues. The simple copy and paste job. Consider processing emails from the inbox, data entry into an Excel sheet or a financial system. This saves you time and allows your colleagues to focus on more challenging tasks to add more value to the organization.


  • Save time and money, make fewer mistakes

  • Optimize the customer experience by completing automated tasks in seconds or minutes

  • 24 hours a day processing instead of a maximum of 8 hours a day

  • Your employees can focus on more important tasks

  • Build your intelligent e-workforce


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