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Smart with AI, fast and
reliable digital with NovaCap.AI

Efficiently process your invoices and forms with NOVACAP.AI

Do you know what the processing of incoming invoices and forms costs in time and money? It is a manual or semi-manual process that is usually not organized efficiently. There is a high chance of errors and delays in the handling of your incoming invoice flow. Invoices and forms that are lost, users who receive dissatisfied suppliers and customers because things within the process are not being handled correctly. Do you recognize this? If your answer is 'yes', you can save costs and time and at the same time carry out the incoming invoice process digitally and much more efficiently.


With NOVACAP.AI you process your purchase invoices digitally, efficiently and error-free. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), all characteristics of the invoice are recognized and converted into data that can be read into your ERP package or financial system.
Every organization is familiar with the time-consuming process of processing purchase invoices. Register, book, forward and ultimately manually archive incoming invoices. Invoices are often left on desks or lost within the organization. With NOVACAP.AI this is a thing of the past.


NOVACAP.AI: a solution from Novadoc
Novadoc ECM is an implementation partner for the IBM Platform for Digital Business Automation  in the Benelux. With the development of the DMS market towards complete ECM and Business Automation solutions and Robotics (RPA), Novadoc has also continued to grow in this area. NOVACAP.AI is a modern product for processing and analyzing documents for companies and organizations to make it easier. With NOVACAP.AI you get a grip on input management and control over the incoming information flow.

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Robotic Process Automation

NOVACAP.AI, together with RPA, ensures 24/7 processing of your incoming invoices and forms. With an intelligent scan & Recognize the incoming documents are processed and the essential data are entered into your administration via RPA. This makes expensive connections or manual input a thing of the past. This works quickly and efficiently and also reduces the chance of errors. Do you want to include manual approval in your process? That can also be easily arranged. 

This process works for paper invoices that you scan and also for digital invoices (PDF, XML, UBL) that are received via email.

For example, with RPA you can:

  • invoices and forms are removed from the email and included in the processing process 

  • invoices and forms are offered to approvers via a flow

  • Statements of agreement are added to the booking file with which the invoice can be booked automatically

  • data is entered into legacy systems


Novadoc is an official implementation partner forWDG Automation, IBM's RPA solution.

Our solution

Digitization becomes an efficient, transparent and automatic process with the capture solution Novacap.AI. This AI solution recognizes different types of documents such as invoices, quotes, orders, claims, files or transport documents, interprets them and processes them to the correct systems. Where previously the data was read and added manually, this is now no longer necessary. The relevant data is automatically -  using AI - extracted from the document. In this way, the user can search very easily and the information is, for example, linked to the (financial) systems, or the customer file is automatically built up. Without spending a lot of time configuring or learning the system, we achieve results of more than 90% correct recognition and automatic processing.

That's how it works



  • OCR (Convert to Text)

  • Reading the text


VALIDATE (optional)

  • Accord

  • Workflow

  • Business rules



  • Categories

  • Amounts

  • Line Items

  • VAT

  • Field values



  • Export XML, UBL, HTML, JSONData pairs 



  • Database lookup

  • Match with purchasing

  • Match with suppliers db



  • Input into Financial system, ERP, Database with Robotics (RPA)


IBM Datacap

NOVACAP.AI was developed on IBM Datacap

Analyzing and processing data is becoming increasingly easier through Artificial Intelligence. Whether or not in the cloud. IBM Datacap together with AIDocbuilder and RPA process your data digitally, making your processes fast and efficient.

IBM Datacap recognizes the information on your scanned documents or submitted PDFs, XMLs and UBLs. This information is filtered from the documents by self-learning technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and passed on to the administrative systems using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). With or without workflows for approval or checks on purchase orders or budgets.

Other forms and documents are also processed by Datacap, after which the categorized information is stored for further processing. Without anyone having to read a document or retype information. 

schematic Novadoc.png

Datatcap is one of the software solutions from IBM's Platform for Digital Business Automation. It enables you to deploy powerful and strategic solutions in which all your outgoing and incoming documents and other vital business data can be safely managed. This means you can always and everywhere have access to the right information for faster and better decision-making. 

Documents can be archived in many graphic file formats, including TIFF, BMP, JPG, and PDF(A). Data on the documents can be read automatically (OCR, ICR, OMR, barcodes and patch codes) and passed on as data to other applications with workflows or Robotics (RPA). Because indexing can be done at multiple levels, any desired approval structure or archive structure can be set up.



Forbo Eurocol Netherlands produces various types of floor coverings and related products such as adhesives, leveling, maintenance and cleaning agents. The company receives around a hundred invoices per week, both by post and digitally. Previously, these were processed manually, which regularly resulted in invoices being lost or left on employees' desks (too long).

Fast and simple

Initially, Forbo Eurocol had hired another partner. After a year and a half, they decided to say goodbye to that partner. De Ridder: 'Their program took too long a processing time, crashed regularly and was therefore very unreliable. In 2014 we joined forces with Novadoc. The system is so simple that if there is a problem, it is often something that I can solve quite easily myself.'

Since Forbo Eurocol works with Novadoc's NovaCap capture solution, the storage of incoming documents is much more efficient and faster and significantly fewer errors are made. Martijn de Ridder, Assistant Controller at Forbo Eurocol: 'Where we previously worked with a cupboard full of folders, all invoices are now stored digitally and are therefore much easier to find.

De Ridder: 'My colleague who processes all invoices used to spend at least an hour a day on this. Now it's half an hour at most. But I think the biggest benefit is the fact that everything is neatly stored digitally and can be found very easily. If we now receive a question about an invoice, we can answer it immediately, without first having to go to a cupboard in another department.'

NovaCap solution from Novadoc ensures fast and virtually error-free processing of invoices at Forbo Eurocol

'Where I used to have to deal with a malfunctioning system every day, this now only happens once a month at most.'
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