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Maintenance and SLA

Maintenance of DBA and IBM Filenet P8.

You operate a FileNet environment and business operations depend on it to:

documentation is managed efficiently and carefully

information reaches the right teams and employees

important business decisions can be made better and faster

simple operations are now automated

Managing DBA, CP4A, ECM or FileNet P8 environments is one of our specialities. And with our SLA, you won't have to look twice!

It is important that the custom-configured platform continues to meet the needs and demands of your business and the market. And that it is regularly updated with the latest update. That requires adaptive and effective application management. That is one of our core activities. How do we do it?

With a service agreement or SLA!

Like our team, every company is unique. And so every customer has specific application management and incident management needs. Flexibility in managing your software is therefore crucial. Your needs are at the heart of determining management activities and KPIs. What maintenance do you want us to perform and within what time frame do you want us to solve software problems? We record such agreements in a Service Level Agreement. Our standard SLA has 3 levels of service. We are happy to add a level specially written for your situation, with the corresponding KPIs and evaluation moments.

Best practices.

Implementation of management work is based on best practices: we only work with the techniques and working methods that have proven most effective. This experience is captured by the support team and shared for reuse. This Novadoc-designed service framework and management process form a tried-and-tested control concept, describing the processes that form the basis for management and service delivery. Because we monitor our success factors so closely, our management can meet the highest quality standards.

With IBM System Monitor

It is annoying when your colleagues cannot access their documents or processes stall because of a technical problem. Depending on the process, this can be very costly as well as frustrating. Administrators keep putting out fires and are always one step behind. 

We like to see the necessary maintenance at Novadoc arrive on time. Therefore, if required, we can offer management including monitoring with IBM System Monitor. We install monitoring agents on your environment so that they can keep an eye on the pulse of the system and all vital organs 24/7. The measurement data are sent to a monitoring server that does the monitoring of the platform. Small structural changes in functioning and performance are noticed, and with Artificial Intelligence, predictions are made about the future health of the system. This allows us to proactively manage and maintain systems, and prevent incidents, without users noticing. Running production without unforeseen downtime!

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With customised application management

Your business is constantly on the move, because stagnation is regression. Application management must be designed with this in mind. The lifespan of the IBM Platform is very long; an average version lasts 5 to 7 years. This means that the configuration must be managed flexibly, so that the application is always adapted to the requirements and wishes of the organisation, processes can be continuously improved and tasks are increasingly automated.

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