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Welcome to Novadoc, the company of and with enthusiastic IBM specialists who do everything they can to make you successful. 

A little song of praise.


What we do.

We specialize in providing Digital Business Automation (DBA) solutions within the Benelux market. DBA concerns the automation and management of unstructured data and work processes within an enterprise. Starting with digitizing paper documents, but also storing, archiving and destroying them (Enterprise Content Management).

This will soon be followed by the overall workflow of a company, digitally collaborating on documents and automating repetitive tasks. We can also manage your ECM or DBA environment. You are also in good hands with us for Filenet updates, migrations, application development and management.

Welcome to us, to Novadoc! It's great that you are curious about our services. We are an enthusiastic team of more than 35 technical specialists, led by Bart ten Broeke and John van der Draai. Since April 1, 2018, we have established ourselves in Utrecht, as an IBM ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and DBA (Digital Business Automation) expert. We have a flat organizational structure with the well-known open doors policy. With our existence since 1998 (!) and the cumulative years of experience of our specialists, we are and will remain top-of-the-line in our field! 

Partnership IBM

Novadoc is the IBM Business Partner for Digital Business Automation and the largest specialist in the Benelux. And IBM is the leader in the Digital Business Automation quadrant. As a fully certified business partner of IBM, Novadoc provides services on IBM's unique products. We do everything with IBM and they do everything with us, and we grow with them. IBM designs and sells the software, we implement and configure it tailor-made for you.

Technical consultants

Our technical consultants know everything about the infrastructure. They are the front line who do the installations, basic configuration, bugs fixes and patches. They also form the support desk with their extensive and specialist knowledge. They then pass it on to their colleagues,

Solution designers

How we do that.

Our specialists are all certified to work with the latest versions of the IBM platform. We keep this strictly up to date and also invest in the necessary training. We work on three levels.

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Our solution designers will tailor the framework that has been set up a little more. What exactly do you need? These clever designers work with you to determine which applications should be made for your specific company. They then realize this in the form of Solutions. They use IBM software for this.


Now the software developers come into the picture. They provide the very important finishing touch, by creating links and interfaces, among other things. For example, they work with Java, JavaScript and .NET.

How many experienced specialists do you have? necessary?

That depends on the size of the assignment and the company. For a new project, at least one expert from each team. But we can also add people to your existing teams. We are happy to work at your location, and for more flexibility we can also work for you remotely.

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