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Automated decision making

Novadoc has developed a solution especially for provinces and other governments for controlling and auditing decision-making in various processes. Novadocmosis was developed together with the Province of Groningen, which easily routes information within the organization to the right departments and people, documents are prepared for meetings and decision lists are created. Because the system keeps track of everything, decisions can be checked afterwards via an audit trail. A document generator creates letters and other communications that are automatically compiled based on the data in a case. Documents are stored and preserved according to the document structure plan, which is monitored fully automatically.

Novadocmosis forms the generic basis with which processes can be quickly automated, from incoming documents to taxes, subsidies, permits and environmental law-related matters.

Novadocmosis is built on the IBM Case Manager/BAW platform.

Contact us for more information about NovaDocmosis.

Proven quality

We consciously choose IBM as a software supplier, because they have proven themselves in recent decades in providing robust and stable solutions that fully meet the demands of many customers from various industries. IBM delivers the quality and continuity in further development and support that you would expect from a global player.

Flexibility and growth

The solutions we build based on the IBM Digital Business Automation platform have the capacity to keep up with the times. If the course of your organization changes, or the behavior of your customers changes, the software can be adapted accordingly. The solutions also easily integrate with your other systems. Our team consists of agile experts who know how to quickly respond to the changing environment.


The sophisticated security options of IBM FileNet ensure the safe management of your information and data leaks are a thing of the past. In addition, the software offers options to protect confidential information by 'redacting' (painting black) parts of documents or screens. This way, each user can only see the information that he or she is actually allowed to have access to. This can also comply with the AVG (GDPR).

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