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Training & Certification


We have designed, configured and implemented beautiful software for you, ready to go. But is your end user also ready to go? And will we continue to do the management, or would you prefer to have an employee in-house for that yourself? 

Novadoc has the qualities to provide good training about the platform and the applications we have developed. In consultation with you, it will be determined which training courses apply, so that your trained colleagues can later apply and maintain the software themselves. Specific customized training or workshops can also be developed for your administrators and end users. Specific knowledge areas that we master are:

ibm automation practice badge.png
  • Data cap

  • Watson Content Analytics

  • Advanced Case Management

  • Content Management

  • Process Management

  • Records Management

  • Operational Decision Management

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Watson components

Will our students become your new administrators?

You may want to keep the management of your new content management system in-house, but you do not yet have the right talent and experience in-house. Not only do we outsource our specialists, we also find candidates for you and train them to become specialists who will then join you. We call this form Detavast.

We can put together a team of one or more of these budding specialists for you. These Young Professionals will first learn the tricks of the trade for a year before they join you. The training can take place at your organization, so that in addition to the substantive training, the trainees are also familiarized with the organization and get to know the organization well.

We train the specialists in one of three flavors:

  1. Technical consultants for your installations, management, general maintenance, patches and bug fixes.

  2. Solution architects and business analysts, who, for example, add new features you want to the IBM platform.

  3. Developers who program in Java and .Net, build widgets and make integrations (e.g. via API and web services) so that the custom software that we have designed and installed for you continues to grow with the company.

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