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Information Retrieval


Watson Discovery

What is IBM Watson® Discovery?

Watson Discovery is an award-winning AI-powered intelligent search and text analytics platform that eliminates data silos and uncovers information hidden in enterprise data. The platform uses innovative, industry-leading natural language processing to extract meaningful business insights from documents, web pages and big data, reducing search time by more than 75%.

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Locates answers

Search the content in your connected data sources, locate the most relevant passage and obtain the source documents or web page.


Find trends

Discover hidden patterns, trends and relationships in your data in near real-time. Use text analytics to understand social media, e-commerce trends and user behavior, and find the root causes of problems to make more informed decisions along the way.

Improves chatbots

Enhance your customer experience by providing answers to documents and data in a conversational search experience with a virtual assistant using the IBM Watson Assistant search skill. Can be linked to Watson Discovery & ChatGPT!



Reveal unseen insights into your data.
IBM Watson Discovery makes it possible to quickly build cognitive, cloud-based exploration applications that uncover unseen and actionable insights hidden in unstructured data with features powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML).


Understands your document structure


Smart Document Understanding (SDU) is a visual Machine Learning (ML) tool that allows users to label text, helping it understand critical components in your business documents, such as headers, tables, and more. Once you've annotated a few pages of your documents, SDU can teach itself the rest, pulling answers and information only from relevant content.

Integrates with chatbots


Powered by Watson Discovery, canIBM Watson Assistant respond quickly and efficiently to user questions. You can provide a better customer experience by offering text passages from relevant content. And can fully integrate with Watson Discovery and ChatGPT, so your customers always get a good answer.


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