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IBM Business Automation services

Hyperautomation &
IBM Digital Business Automation (DBA)

As a certified business partner of IBM, Novadoc is a supplier of the IBM ECM and Automation solutions. If desired, we are happy to help you with its implementation and management.

With solid experience from FileNet and DBA since 1998, Novadoc helps you manage your content, automate processes, implement Hyperautomation and all within your IT policy and security and privacy guidelines.

Out of the box installation of all components, design (agile) to meet the wishes of your users and IT department, integration with other systems, data migrations, management support and incidents through an SLA. Novadoc takes care of you during all phases of the platform's lifecycle.


What do we mean by the modern term Hyperautomation? 

Hyperautomation is a technology trend that focuses on the use of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA), process management (BPM), data processing automation and natural language processing, to enable automated processes that are more efficient and effective than human labor alone.

Hyperautomation goes beyond traditional automation through BPM and RPA because it not only automates routine, repetitive tasks, but can also automate more complex tasks and decision-making processes through machine learning and AI.

Hyperautomation enables organizations to streamline their processes, increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction through an integrated and automated approach to all aspects of their business operations.

Novadoc helps with this transition! With IBM tools such as Cloud Pak for Business Automation.

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation (CP4BA).

IBM is also increasingly moving towards containers and the cloud. With Cloudpak for Business Automation you are ready for the future, whether you remain partially on-premises or provide everything in a private or public cloud, Novadoc helps you set up Kubernetes containers and Red Hat OpenShift with which you are ready to work at any time. moment to move your entire furnishings from one location to another. Installing a new environment with Kubernetes is also a piece of cake, with the proverbial push of a button a new environment (for example development or test) is created and a days-long installation process is no longer necessary.

Proven quality

We consciously choose IBM as a software supplier, because it has proven itself in recent decades in providing robust and stable solutions that fully meet the demands of many customers from various industries. IBM delivers the quality and continuity of support you would expect from a global player.

Flexibility and growth

The solutions we build based on the IBM Digital Business Automation platform can keep up with the times. If the course of your organization changes, or the purchasing behavior of your customers changes, the software can be adjusted accordingly. For example, an integration with email, social media or AI. The solutions also easily integrate with your other systems. Our team consists of agile experts who know how to quickly respond to the changing environment.


The sophisticated security options of IBM FileNet ensure the safe management of your information and data leaks are a thing of the past. In addition, the software offers options to protect confidential information by 'redacting' (painting black) parts of documents or screens. This way, each user can only see the information that he or she is actually allowed to have access to. This can also comply with the GDPR and other privacy regulations.

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