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IBM FileNet P8

IBM FileNet P8 expertise.

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Are you looking for a reliable partner to install FileNet? Or are you still working with an old version and would you like to upgrade and migrate to the latest version? Are you looking for an efficient migration of your documents, but without interrupting your and your colleagues' work? Novadoc helps!

Customized implementation and services.

We implement the platform or several modules and configure it completely tailor-made for you, so that your company can work faster, more efficiently and more accurately. This allows you to respond faster and better to changes in the market.


We can also provide customized maintenance and management of the IBM DBA platform for you. Completely customized, or according to one of our standard agreements. In addition to answering user questions and resolving incidents, adaptive application management is also an important component of our services on the IBM DBA platform. Read more about this hereManagement.

View cases of how DBA can work in practice at our variousClients.

With our technical knowledge of IBM FileNet and Datacap, we are the undisputed market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium. We distinguish ourselves through specific knowledge of IBM FileNet integration, management and custom development for, among other things, migration processes from older versions (Image Server, Panagon) to FileNet P8, or from BPF to Advanced Case Manager. For many organizations, a migration from Case Manager to Business Automation Workflow (BAW) is coming, because Case Manager will be out of support at the end of September 2023. 

We can do the following work for you.


As a certified business partner of IBM FileNet, we do IBM FileNet P8 installations and configuration. We are recognized and known by IBM FileNet customers as a reliable partner when it comes to this installation, even when it comes to very complex (cloud) environments. We recently also started doing Red Hat Openshift® installations for a containerized IBM Automation environment.


We develop specific IBM FileNet components and integrations for upgrade and migration processes for you. We often do this on IBM DBA or FileNet P8 environments such as IBM Content Foundation, and nowadays Cloud Pak for Automation (CP4A). To quickly offer current ECM applications integrated from one user interface, we use IBM Content Navigator. We have built a number of widgets for both Navigator and Case Manager to offer users more options for, for example, data entry and integrations with databases. In addition to widgets, we also integrate IBM DBA with any environment via API, Restful, SOAP or any other desired integration protocol. Our team of Java, .Net and JavaScript developers is ready to help you.


In recent years we have carried out many upgrade processes and migrations for IBM FileNet P8. This is done to the full satisfaction of large organizations such as ministries, banks, insurers and oil and gas companies. For all customers who use IBM support, we regularly perform these upgrades to keep the environments at the latest version.


We are regularly asked to migrate documents to a FileNet P8 / IBM Content Foundation environment. We have developed a number of tools to realize the migration effectively and efficiently. This means a fast migration process for you, with as little risk as possible of disruptions to the ongoing process and loss of data.


Our migration tools are suitable for many types of document migrations. These tools consist of 3 components:

  • Read

  • Process

  • To write

Read and write adapters exist for Tridion, FileSystems, various databases, FileNet Content Services, FileNet Image Services and FileNet P8. We develop customer-specific adapters quickly and easily within our migration framework. These are available for OpenText and Documentum, among others.

Together with partners, we carry out major migrations in which meta-data can also be automatically extracted from the text (with AI) and added as a characteristic to the document in the new environment.


Novadoc specializes in efficient maintenance and management of IBM Digital Business Automation / CloudPak for Business Automation and FileNet installations on the basis of a Service Level Agreement (SLA). You can read more about our 3 service levels and customization options on themanagement page.

What can we do for you?

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