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The CEO's Guide to Generative AI

Last week, at Think Benelux 2024, Novadoc shared the latest and greatest about IBM Watsonx, the set of Generative AI solutions for business, integrated in the various IBM cloud platforms (also available for on-prem). In one of the presentations, this book was shown: The CEO's Guide to Generative AI.

boek ceo guide generative AI

Generative AI is at a defining moment. In the next industrial revolution, making the right investments in this emerging tech can create a multiplier effect for businesses. As applications - and risks - evolve at an unprecedented pace, the IBM Institute for Business Value brings you the CEO’s Guide to Generative AI.

This book captures the insights we’ve collected from rapid response research, as well as direct CEO conversations and use case pilots. We’ve distilled our in-depth knowledge into specific insights and actions CEOs can use to accelerate responsibly and scale adoption of generative AI across the enterprise.

Order the book here:

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