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Dyanix joins forces with Novadoc and PragmatiQ to sell Apty in the Netherlands

[Utrecht, Netherlands, 23 February] Dyanix, a leading solutions provider, announced today that it will be partnering with Dutch IT Consulting firm PragmatiQ and IT solution provider Novadoc to sell Apty’s Digital Adoption Platform in the Netherlands. Dyanix is the exclusive reseller of US-founded Apty in EMEA.

Apty’s digital adoption platform empowers organisations to focus on business processes, outcomes and employee productivity. From in-app guidance to business process compliance, Apty helps companies get the most out of their application investments. Apty has already helped to transform some of the leading enterprise brands including Boeing, Delta, MARS and Hitachi. "This collaboration with Dyanix and Apty fits perfectly with our Hyperautomation proposition, to guide our customers in their Digital Transformation” said John van der Draai, Director of Novadoc and PragmatiQ. “It also expands our toolset, knowledge and expertise and gives us even more opportunities to serve our customers well in the field of end-to-end Hyperautomation."

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Enabling partners Dyanix enables its partners in digital transformation by acting as a gateway for vendors such as Apty, and creating new opportunities for resellers, like Novadoc and PragmatiQ, and end users. With this partnership, Dyanix will collaborate with Novadoc and PragmatiQ to help organisations in the Netherlands to increase the productivity and ROI of their software investment with Apty’s Digital Adoption Platform. This partnership provides a strong foundation for growing Apty in the Dutch market supported by Novadoc’s and PragmatiQ's local market knowledge and expertise in automating and digitising work processes, customising business applications and software training. Performance support for Apty will be provided through Novadoc’s sub-brand, NOVAGUIDE.

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